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Monday, 21 May 2007

E-mail from Corfu

Hi Simon, Linda. I had an idea to cover the drain totally with plaka after we discovered the smell. I am sure the smell is from a broken pipe leaking into your garden down the wall into the drain. I do not think a reed pond could cope with sewage. This would make a nice step up to the garden area. At a later time I thought we could build the reed pool on top of the plaka, next to the steps. This would take the form of three pools, trickling into each other and finally any excess water would be channelled into the drain and go out with whatever smelly water comes into the drain. No problem with the beam being covered with plaster. Monday sees the final part of the old wall come down. The new one has been bricked up, and M and B are making a jig for the arch. The curve has been measured as follows, try it on a bit of paper if you like. Measure downwards 38cm at 1cm intervals. Measure across the top 114cm at 3cm intervals. Number downwards 38-1, and across the top from left 1-38. Joint 1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc, and you will end up with a curve. Repeat on other side if you have space. Will show picture of jig as soon as it is built. Have receipts for euros, and still have marble and varnish to purchase. Will get down to big paintshop near airport to see if they sell the required varnish. Found mess of electric cable in thin wall when we took it down. Not connected to anything, may have been old mains supply into building. Will be cutting floor and stairwell Monday or Tuesday, then replacing odd planks and sanding. Will follow instructions from web site re vacuum clean and white spirit etc. Best regards, G, M & B Hi G. Thanks for the update. Sounds like everything's coming together. Re. money, I reckon the marble and varnish will cost about €150-€200. I can't buy this amount from the currency firm - they're not interested in less than €1000. Has anyone got a sterling account based in England that I could put the extra money into? Not sure about the plaka ideas. They sound great, but we're a bit strapped for cash and will be for some time. I don't think we're going to be able to afford any extra work for a while. Anyway, I think we should try to work out where the smell is coming from. We'll have to do some investigation when we come in September. We'll have a think about the plaka over the drain and I'll e-mail again to let you know what we think. Really wish we could be there to see the work in progress. Can't wait. September seems ages away, but it's only about 15 or 16 weeks. Regards to all. Lin & Simon [The alternative to sending cash via an exchange company which is not interested in sums below £1000 is through an agency like Western Union who require a fee of nearly £50 to send someone a sum of say £250]

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