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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The arch jig

From: George , Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 21:03:50 +0300
To: Linda Baddeley Subject: Re: Democracy Street
No probs with money. I will buy any extras, plus marble. Am going to airport paint shop to see if I can get Gapseal, water based polyeurothane varnish for floor, not too hopeful, as nobody has heard of Gapseal before. Window will cost 85 euro. Do you still want to put in? Will just cover drain loosly with wood base, iron mesh net and plaka in case you want it at later date. B is going to sort out electrical mess in ceiling and plaster over when he plasters the archway. He will put plug just above stairwell on new wall. Will see if I can swap some of your plaka for some lighter plaka for upright surfaces on garden feature and stairs, as your plaka is too heavy to stick on. Thought I would show you what an arch jig is. Just a wood frame to support the bricks and mortar before the plaster is put in. You can see from the fill in the new shape. This will take until Saturday to set properly, so am going to start on the floor tomorrow. Had to get new circular saw blade as hidden bolts under floor near stairs trashed my old one. Send you more info over weekend. Have to stop then, have charter next week, must polish boat!! Best regards, G

I saw this posting on a local forum - an appeal for help for young relatives who'd gone to Corfu to work and felt ill-treated. Various people made suggestions:
Hi! Thanks to everyone for their help and best wishes! Seems like their treatment in Greece is pretty standard which has shocked me a bit! They know someone at a hotel there and although it looks like a party the staff are worked like donkeys! So anyway, they are going to enjoy 2 weeks of holiday out there and then fly home. D
I think working like donkeys is the norm for anyone in Greece once the tourist season starts. You only have to look at the cleaners who often work for several owners and the taverna and bar staff who work from dawn to dusk. It is a cultural thing I think. They work hard all summer and live on savings during the winter A bit of hard work and reality never hurt anyone and it will certainly be an experience. I hope they stick it out. I am sure it must have come as a shock to their systems but it will not harm them. They may even enjoy themselves after they have got used to it! S

My 'International flytipping' group on Flickr now has 105 members and 352 images - all depressing but some almost beautiful if they are looked at purely as images.[ ]

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