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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Flytipping International

Ziz, as great among birds as Leviathan among fishes, is scratching at the membrane between earth and the void. There are 86 members and 242 images since I posted 'International Flytipping' on Flickr last week. I've altered the title, adding 'fouling our nest'. This mix of images, comments and messages from people around the world is providing me with a novel way to learn about profligacy. There are striking pictures; intriguing entertaining comments and links in the Group. Looking at the photos last night Lin and Amy contested my widening of the 'normal' definition of 'flytipping' to include planting chewed gum on the street, or dropping plastic bottles into rivers to drift towards a mighty oceanic whirlpool, or spewing toxins into the ecosphere. A member of my 'International Flytipping' group, 'twas brillig' directs me to a YouTube video blog by 'SillyMentary'. Astride his roof SillyMentary chats, in engaging style, about chemtrails, explaining how they differ from clouds and contrails. "Just passing the word." It's been 14 days to get to conspiracy. Governments, to mitigate the consequences of our love affair with flying, are spraying aerosol in the atmosphere. My worry about preoccupation with the chemtrail conspiracy is that it distracts from the harm done by contrails. It's all 'skytipping' and all part of 'international flytipping'. There are conspiracies but there are also millenarian fantasies and cargo cults which by-pass reason. My concern is our collective involvement in the unsustainable waste that threatens all of us as much as any consciously conceived plot.

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