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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Radnor Road Pilot Intervention Area

Radnor Road Pilot Intervention Area
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A neighbour asked me to let him know the content and outcome of a meeting at the Barton Arms Pub, in Newtown, last Thursday evening. I have sent him this map plus my marginal scribblings. The meeting was under Chatham House Rule so I've not passed on the the names of anyone but our host.

Dear M. Give me a call. In brief, a group of about nine local people gathered at the Barton Arms on Thursday evening. We were asked by the Chief Executive to say what should happen quickly to help the realization of a plan by Midland Heart to intervene in the Radnor Road Area. What's the biggest obstacle to success, and what yardsticks would we use in two years time to judge success? We should all know there was no government money for this intervention. Material resources for improvement must come from increased value of the houses that MH and others owned in the area.

Ask me about a park or allotments and I could have answered such questions. Put to me I realised only my inadequacy, but I said MH should make the plan to improve the area well known to as many as possible; that Heathfield Road physically and psychologically divides an area that is also divided historically (servants of the north lived in the south in the early 20th C), and my yardstick would be that in two years time I knew and understood the area in ways that are currently beyond me. Best, Simon

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