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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Greece ~ the modern sequel

I'm delighted to welcome, the day after Friday's postal strike, the arrival of Greece: The Modern Sequel - from 1821 to the Present. Perhaps I should have started this before Professor Mazower's collection, which, though these appear to be historians from similar stables, is unmentioned in Koliopoulos's and Veremis's text. My guess is this work, with its 190 year scope, will not venture into people's homes and sift their memories as do Mark Mazower and his co-writers, with their focus on one decade. There's a black and white photo placed by the authors at the start of their book, taken 'soon after the Second World War', and 'well known to Greeks' of a little girl, against a background of steps, looking carefully down at a shiny new pair of lace-up shoes holding one of her older shoes in her left hand.

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