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Sunday, 1 July 2007

To do list

Mow lawns, weed paths, put out seeds & nuts for birds
Select audio-transcripts for friend's disciplinary hearing in London
Try to get turn out at County Court for Robin's appeal tomorrow
Recycle bottles
Ensure ref. for my Iraqi friend's PhD application is in the system
Write more of the chapter on Leadership
Phone Mum re her move on Wednesday
Prepare meeting tomorrow
Draft programmes for joint workshops on scrutiny skills
Check travel for scrutiny seminar in West Country mid-week
Make various appointments
Tidy our bedroom
Get stuff together for 'Classroom in the Park' on Friday
Find a glazier to mend the window
Fix the shower bracket
Prepare tax return
Get hand-outs for China course session translated
Put out the trash & remember paper recycling box
Maintain British way of life

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