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Monday, 29 August 2011

Cleaning the flat

Lin's final check
I've been helping Lin clean and tidy our flat in Cambridge Tower overlooking Centenary Square and the city centre. The tall crane over Birmingham's new library is being dismantled, the main part of the structure complete.
Rain spattered the windows of the flat 15 floors up a tower block. I don't like cleaning, especially when you have to go into nooks where detritus has collected and congealed unseen. I pulled out the cooker.
I'm not good at this. it's an effort to sweep out the odds and ends of food and other things that have been hiding there for months. I used a dustpan and brush to collect moveable things, then spraying on grease remover I set to with hot water and an abrasive sponge. After a while the results begin to show, the mess surrendered as in the advertisements to cleaning products - not sparkling bright with just a wipe, but passably clean with elbow grease.
While taking a break I got a text from Scotland.

Sharon had been out with my mum at Munlochie on the other shore of the Moray Firth. A storm in Strathnairn had taken out the power, lightning burning out the TV, phones and Wifi.
My sister in Manhattan is experiencing the remains of Hurricane Irene and a few days ago a small earthquake.
Portents? This evening Lin was driving back from the final tidying of the flat ready for our tenants to move in at the beginning of September. We'd dropped in on Amy and Guy who've agreed to look after Oscar while we're away, since his usual minders, John and Jo, are unwell. On the way home we saw a Moses basket under a street lamp at the corner of Heathfield and Brecon Roads. Lin braked.
"Just check there isn't a baby in it"
I had a peer, knowing that desperate people do now and then abandon babies. We'd never forgive ourselves if this was an example ignored. No. The crib was empty sat with litter on the pavement, but in excellent condition.

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