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Thursday, 29 July 2010

The portico at 208 Democracy Street

We've had a chance to look at and discuss details of the portico Alan's finishing under the new balcony. He thinks our door's now looking not quite right; suggests at least a coat of white paint. Lin had been thinking a Corfu green would suit, with a plain panel under the window edged with a moulded frame. I'm sitting at the kitchen table in Handsworth enjoying photos of the work, relaxing after a ride up to Erdington to lift someone's patio of york stone advertised on freegle.
From Honey in Corfu:
...the pictures as promised. I think it is mostly the harsh contrast from the smooth flowing white lines that the door interferes with. That's why we thought white. Actually, I thought sanding down the door and white-washing it to give it a soft look. But, you will have to see it and decide what you think. Alan probably has another week, or even two, for getting all the fine details done. Those details make all the difference. So, when you're viewing the pictures, remember there are still unfinished corners...You will continue to see small changes as he completes it. He draped a blue sheet of plastic over the walkway to keep from being in the scorching sun while working and Katerina liked it so much she asked if he could buy one for her. He brought her one the next day. Then she asked for a little of his cement mix which he put in a bag she brought over. Now she is very pleased with her newly acquired shade. Lefteri asked Alan where he could buy a cornice mold like the one he put up on your balcony. It's really rewarding to have everyone being so appreciative of the job he's doing there. That was totally unexpected. Well, at least to the degree it has been happening. I know it's hard work on that allotment, but just be thankful it's not in 40 degree weather, like here. I guess you'll be in Scotland soon and relaxing with tea and buns, oops, I mean Mum. Enjoy. Love, Alan and Honey
παιδιά στοά
* * * * *
Plans are in place for me to take part in another series of seminars in Australia from early November to early December with a date in New Zealand too.
Dimitris Reppas
30 July 2010: Greek truckers continue to block highways, ignoring a government order to go back to work. Drivers rallied outside the Transport Ministry on Thursday 29th July to protest against an order to force them to work. Truck unions were meeting with the general secretary of the Ministry, Charis Tsiokas, ahead of a talk with Transport Minister, Dimitris Reppas. Military trucks are resupplying critical sectors such as airports, electricity plants and hospitals. Businesses from car rentals to fruit growers have been hit by the protest which began on Sunday versus government plans to liberalise the tightly-controlled freight sector. Costly HGV licenses are traded for thousands of euros within a small pool of professional drivers now seeking to protect their big personal investment in those licences. All over Greece, people are being cold turkeyed by lack of petrol and diesel. Gas stations are empty; closed.
One day this grim reliance on oil will be history. I don't like cars, even as at times I need them, à cause qu'elles polluent la terre, écrasent les gens et salissent l'air. I want to see an end to fossil fuel dependency, escape from the fossil-fuel trap. I love my bicycles. I've divorced my car.
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Page 7 of the August Agiot Newsletter - Working on the Allotment. Nice but it omits the video illustrations.

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