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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Into May

Still we play cat-and-mouse with the rain that falls in May - taking the laundry out and taking it in and then out again in sunny intervals. We heard their Easyjet taking off yesterday and waved as we glimpsed the plane for a moment before it passed into the grey over the crags above Ano Korakiana.
On Thursday first of May - Πρώτη Μαΐου - I strolled in the rain through the wet greenery below our house picking flowers including a few roses overhanging the fence of an abandoned garden and handed them over to Amy.

From one leaf emerged a perfect small snail.
"You know those fish places, where they'll eat things off your feet?"
Liz was letting the snail travel along her finger before letting it out of doors.
"We could start a new business. Get celebrity promotion. The snails are placed on clients' nails - toes and fingers. They rasp your nails with their radulas, creating a unique and perfect polish, leaving them perfect or readying them for blingy designs. Snails for nails!"
"How would you get them to stay on people's nails"
"That's the patented trade secret that will make us rich"

Amy's wreath hung outside the house

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