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Friday, 19 October 2012

On the way to Scotland

Despite a half day strike in Greece delaying our flight three hours, we were home in Birmingham by 9.00pm on Thursday.
I phoned Scotland.
"Mum's asking for you" said Bay
"I'll be in Inverness tomorrow afternoon."
Left the house at 6.15 Friday morning with Oscar for company and caught the 16 bus into town - fare £1.90. It arrived within seconds of our arrival at the Hamstead Road stop. Empty dark streets, wet leaves and a bag bumping over paving stones. I bought my rail tickets on-line a short time after getting home to Handsworth via train and coach from London Gatwick. Punched in my codes at a ticket machine on the New Street Concourse. Birmingham to Inverness via Glasgow booked as separate journeys and with Senior Rail Card brings the cost down to £66. I should be in Inverness just after 3.00pm.
Speeding north
*** *** ***
The evening before - Wednesday evening - Lin and I walked up to the church of the Prophet Elias and watched the dusk settling on the village; the house tidied, all packed and ready to leave for England in the morning
Ano Korakiana from the hill of the Prophet Elias

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