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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Σας περιμένουμε

As my ancestor wrote over a century ago 'Except the blind forces of Nature, nothing moves in this world which is not Greek in its origin'. Much more recently the late Jacqueline De Romilly, Hellenist, Greek professor at the Ecole Normale and the Sorbonne said, by way of summarising an enduring scholarly opinion, "Without knowing we breath the air of Greece at any moment" 
Mario Vargas Llosa used these words in a piece he wrote for in El País on 3 June 'Sin saberlo, respiramos el aire de Grecia a cada instante' adding 'Grecia es el símbolo de Europa y los símbolos no pueden desaparecer sin que lo que ellos encarnan se desmorone y deshaga en esa confusión bárbara de irracionalidad y violencia de la que la civilización griega nos sacó'
Greece is the symbol of Europe and symbols cannot be abolished without that which they embody collapsing and degenerating into the barbaric confusion of irrationality and violence from which Greek civilization liberated us...
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My mum is better than the rest of us at picking winners, having learned from her mum who used to have her read out form from the Racing Times, rested on her daughter's knees, as her mother drove her to school. Now it's easier done on line
Royal Ascot Day 2: Mum studies form

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