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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Ano Korakiana

Flowers and grapefruit from Honey awaited us in the house. Leftheris brought round a big bottle of his latest rosé and Paul's text messages greeted our arrival the moment I turned on the Greek chipped phone. The chimney's drawing well and we've a good supply of dry wood. In between the rain it's warm enough to put out the washing. The blood oranges are exquisite.
We were tiring of snow. Nonetheless I hadn't banked on finding a foot of rainwater in Summer Song. Few appreciate the pleasures of pumping and baling slightly oily water from the bilges of a flooded boat but after a couple of hours its done and I'm hoping there'll be enough sun to start to dry out the mildewed cabin.
The canvas cockpit cover had torn open, forming a funnel for torrential rain. The cockpit drains had blocked. Water filled it and overflowed into the rest of the boat. Dave, who came down like a Djinn with an electric pump helped clear the worst. After that it was groping with a sponge to soak up what was left. He told me several boats had sunk, including one in our harbour. We're lucky.
* * *
The impacts of the government's programme to eliminate the grey economy and find new ways to raise revenue to offset Greece's debt are apparent. Number plates are missing from quite a few cars....
View of Corfu old fort and the Greek mainland from Sally and Mark's house in Ano Korakiana

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