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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Plots on the Victoria Jubilee Allotments in Handsworth

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A second Newsletter from Birmingham City Council reporting progress on the laying out of the new allotments next to Handsworth Park – the Victoria Jubilee. There are already in the last week of June 2009, forty two people on the waiting list for 80 plots - each 200 square yards, or 20 by 10 yards.
To apply to be on the short list go to Birmingham Allotments team on 0121 303 3038 We're told rents will be £15 p.a. with concessionary rents down to £9.00 a year for men and women over 60. See Newsletter 1.
Here are some images - old and new with text - telling of the campaign to save the green fields next to Handsworth Park for allotments and playing fields. Plots can be shared and it is hoped that some will be adopted by local schools.
We've been told that there will a meeting room for gardeners with storage. Plotholders can have a shed up to 6' x 8' on their plot. Water supply is at hand and gardeners can have a greenhouse or a polytunnel. The Allotments Team have told us that they will guide new gardeners to become self-managing via a site committee with responsibility for collecting rents on behalf of the council and stewarding the site. Further help is available from Birmingham and District Allotments Council who can be approached via their website at any time for advice and support. Plots can be shared.
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The trial, following the death of two children visiting Corfu with their families in October 2006 was to begin in Corfu on Thursday but has been delayed until February 2010. While staying at the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel at Gouvia, 5 miles north of Corfu Town, the children allegedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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We've been running the first part of a five day course on scrutiny on campus. I've been riding to and from campus partly via canal towpaths. Going home, just before six, I noticed even more cyclists, walkers and joggers along the Birmingham-Worcester Canal. Ever so slowly the numbers of people commuting without a car (see the flickr group I help administer) seems to be increasing in Birmingham. I felt almost resentful, having been so used over the years to having the towpaths of British Waterways almost to myself.

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