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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Our view of the border

Light touches the slopes behind the land border between Albania and Greece. The border starts at a point about six miles due east of Ipsos to the left of Albanian Keppi Stillos (Akri Stilos) just north of Fokia Islet – which might be Greek or Albanian. I should know such things about a boundary that has seen such disputes. On my photo the islet is just above the lone cypress on the left side of the black hill below us. The arrow on my north-south nautical map points to the islet showing the border winding east-south-east marking a ribbon of Hellenic coast for several miles. Albanian high ground continues inland for several miles further south.


  1. Mr Simon,

    I think that Fokia islet is Albanian, I remember having seen a map with the exact borders of mainland Greece with Albania. From my balcony in Nissaki, I can see clearly all that part of the border with a bare eye.

  2. Thanks John. That could be especially useful to know if we're sailing near there.


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