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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Corfu slides

A few of the photographs taken and images captured since we first touched down at Kapodistria Airport amid thunder and rain in September 2006. It's a vaguely sequential set - showing maps of the island, the village of Ano Korakiana, work on our house there at 208 Democracy Street, Οδός Δημοκρατίας, before and after - various journeys by plane, ship and train to and from Corfu, views over the local landscape
Our washing in the wind
 - from the village -
Prophet Elias before Mother Greece
and from other parts of the island to mainland Greece and Albania - beaches strewn with plastic rubbish, fly-tipping in the woods, friends, the weather, our boat Summersong, different places in the beautiful town - The Liston, the Old Port and the new, the narrow streets and pot-smashing on Easter Saturday.
Also videos of events - Carnival, Vassilopita, Easter lamb-roast with our best friends in the village - and a skype chat with Alan Barratt from Agios Markos who, last year, transformed our house by replacing its balcony, so oddly demolished by its previous English residents, creating a wonderful curved porch to his own design beneath it. There's also a constant source of enthusiastic fascination - research into the history of the British Ionian Protectorate (pause the film to read the longer paragraphs in this presentation at the Durrell School one evening last year):

An August storm seen from Democracy Street

and the quiet that follows

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