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Monday, 24 January 2011

Streaming videos of Jack Hargreaves

About two years ago I persuaded my mother to give one of my stepfather's fishing rods to Paul Peacock, his biographer. He produced this film in which Charles Jardine, who's father fished with Jack, compares the old rod with a contemporary one.

This goes well with the old episode that I posted on 4 January in which JH describes the evolution of fishing rods - from the 'famous London roach pole' to carbon-fibre and beyond. "Hullo. In the Camden Town murder trial at the turn of the century a man was asked what he was doing on the street at 2.30 in the morning."

I've spent the day checking through my list of 87 clips, sent to Paul Peacock by a fan a couple of years ago, comparing it with the list from SWFTA of 262 ¼" sound tapes and about 440 clips on 16mm film from Out of Town and Old Country made up by Roger Charlesworth at the archive.
Selecting a pilot episode from these lists turned out less straightforward than I'd hoped. Films on my two lists - archive and fan's clips have titles that vary from, but may match, titles in the archive at Plymouth. Thus 'barrel-making' for 'coopering' is easy but others are less clear. To be sure we're going to need to view all those that are ambiguous. So this afternoon I made up five DVDs containing copies of all the 87 clips I hold to post to Roger so that he has them to hand when searching for the ingredients of a suitable pilot episode - made we hope from two outdoor films from the original 16mm linked by the shed scenes among the fan clips. Mark Smith on Facebook commented:
I'm sure that someone, somewhere will eventually find a piece of film made in Jack's shed... These things have a habit of turning-up in the most unexpected places...look at all those TV programmes from the early days of ITV that where thought to be lost for ever until the death of Bob Monkhouse who had recorded thousands & thousands of hours worth of TV throughout his life; so you never know, someone may have video recorded some of the original Out of Town programmes.
***  *** ***
I've just uploaded BW nymphs - a film from Old Country in which JH quotes Bertrand Russell on a central dilemma of socialism 'that you can ruin almost anything if you make it available to everybody', in this case hooking fat farmed trout on gaudy flies from the murky water of artificial ponds:

****  ** ****
ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ 26 ΓΕΝΑΡΗ 7 μ.μ. στην αίθουσα του Συνεταιρισμού Ανω Κορακιάνας, θα πραγματοποιηθεί η πρώτη  συνάντηση για την οργάνωση του φετινού Καρναβαλιού...Όσοι και όσες μπορείτε, ελάτε...Wed 26 Jan 7 p.m. in the Cooperative, Ano Korakianas, there will be the first  meeting for organising this year's Carnival…Those who can, do come…
** ** ** **
Homework - Niko's mum's ill - very ill. He's had to go swiftly to Athens, postponing our lessons....
θέλω     I want
θέλεις     you want
θέλει     he, she, it wants
θέλουμε     we want
θέλετε     you want
θέλουν     they want

πάω, πηγαίνω    I go
πας, πηγαίνεις    you go
πάει, πηγαίνει    he, she, it goes
πάμε, πηγαίνουμε    we go
πάτε, πηγαίνετε    you go
πάνε, πηγαίνουν    they go

Εγώ  είμαι
I am
Εσύ είσαι
you are
Αυτός,Αυτή,Αυτό είναι
he, she, it is
Εμείς  είμαστε
we are
Εσείς είσαστε
you are
Αυτοί είναι
they are

I do
you do
Κάνει, κάνει, κάνει
he, she, it does
we do
you do
they do

I have
you have
Έχει, Έχει, Έχει
he, she, it has
we have
you have
they have

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