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Thursday, 15 October 2009

The new shed has arrived on the VJA

Dare I believe it! The new gardeners shed - an item as functional in appearance as a bomb shelter for storage, meetings and shared cups of tea - has arrived on the VJA - or should I say the new Victoria Jubilee Allotments? The dark green construction - seemingly without windows, is just visible in the distance, as I peer through the park railings. The operational manager said it would be hear by 13 October and it is, which bodes well for the prospect of plots becoming available in January 2010. I've even caught a glimpse, in the middle ground, of a blue pipe - one that will supply water to standpipes for plotholders, tho' we will be encouraged to collect our own water in barrels via the gutters on the sheds we put up on individual plots.
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