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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Treaty of London 1864

Thanassis has e-mailed with more information to assist my search for the petition from the leaders of Ano Korakiana to maintain the British Protectorate that we know ended with the Treaty of London in 1864. The following web account gives a feel for the political volatility of the island in the run up to the ending of the British Protectorate - with a strong lobby for union with Greece but also, if the consummate politician William Gladstone was right, wide support among the populace for continuing the British presence. Of course I have no primary sources for this (it's based on the 11th Edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica which I own). Seeing the missing 'paper' from Ano Korakiana would be so interesting.
Dear Simon. Further information about our theme. This time our sources came from a 'historical and more novel' book, written by a Corfiot author named Spiros Katsaros. It is supported in this book - Helio's Story - that the petition was given to High Commissioner named Storks (1859-1864) and Storks attached it behind a report to the British Parliament. According to Katsaros, this theme was published to the national media (newspapers) of that period. Thanassis
I'm about ready to explore the National Archives at Kew for Henry Knight Storks Papers.

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