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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Panorama of Democracy Street

From: ΣΠΙΓΓΟΣ ΘΑΝΑΣΗΣ Fri, 31 Aug 2007 10:11:37 +0300 To: Simon Baddeley, Conversation: KORAKIANA SITE Dear Sir. We’ll be grateful if you spend a little time to have a look at site. It is a new site about Ano Korakiana - Ανω Κορακιάνα. Thanks, Thanassis Thanassis Spigos has sent me this e-mail. As well as being a fluently designed website there are panorama pictures of a quality I have never seen on the web, including one of Democracy Street. Looking east on the road to Sokraki and just past the Church of the Archangel Michael are some green railings on the right. That's the way to 208! I can see Katherina's house on the left and the greenery before our neighbour's house on the right - Leftheris' - and Thanassis' shadow under the Greek sun as he takes the picture from the middle of the street beside the low whitewashed wall around the church.(Note on 29 November 2009: Sadly the village website is now ended but it has been replaced by a blog. I do hope we shall be able to recover those panoramas)
Early 2010: The Ano Korakiana website is now back on-line but without the panorama mentioned above. Here's an alternative panorama.

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