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Monday, 16 July 2007

Manor Garden Allotments

PRESS RELEASE - IMMEDIATE - 16/7/2007 After Manor Garden Allotments won concessions from the LDA by threatening Judicial Review embarrassment, plotholders redouble their efforts to persuade the authorities of the value of incorporating the allotments as a showcase for sustainability principles. Media interest has increased again with ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Associated Press and France 2 TV continuing to broadcast features. NEXT FEATURED ON ITV “TONIGHT – OLYMPIC BACKLASH” 8pm Monday 16th July The public remain bewildered by the gap between the claims of sustainability and the reality of the total demolition taking place. The Olympic authorities and the Mayor refuse to acknowledge that their plan will destroy these 100 year old gardens and community, preferring words ‘save’ and ‘relocate’ – which for the plotholders means being bulldozed and forced to start from scratch in a contaminated field. Outside ITV studios at the recent ‘London Debate’, Mayor Ken Livingstone promised to visit Manor Gardens but has subsequently ignored further communications. Despite security and health and safety concerns having being used as reasons why the allotments could not be cultivated through to 2012, newly introduced access arrangements prove otherwise. Contact:

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