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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Travelling to and from Greece

E-mail in Corfu Forums:
Flying to Corfu in 6 weeks if I can be pushed on to the plane! Anyone any ideas how to make this experience any easier? Cancelled last year's holiday at last minute!
Reply from bluemoonuk on 11 July 2007
Be positive easy said than done I know, a fear of flying is not a weakness. Try not to think too much about it. Sleep well before a flight. Don’t go on a bender the night before. Don’t drink any alcohol at the airport. It will only dehydrate you and make you feel worse, drink lots of bottle water. Think of positive things. Try to visit the airport before you go on your flight. Think about the benefits. Lazy days by the pool the beach the golden tan. Be a tiger not a lamb you can do it.
Message posted by limmy on 11 July 2007
My heart goes out to you just remember flying it one of the most safest way of travelling. Have you spoken to your airline? They sometimes do courses before you go.
Message posted from Sibadd on 14 July 2007
Hi. This is for the future. I don't worry about flying for your reasons but the other problem with flying is that it's not so good for the environment. I would expect that in a decade flying will be getting as expensive or more expensive than going other ways. If and when you get time richer (as I am now I'm retired) you might plan a journey by train and ferry. I can do it for £250 return with senior rail card on Eurostar and Virgin from Birmingham, relying on The Man in Seat Sixty-One at and RailEurope at 08708 30 20 08 & 08705 848 848. Last February I left Birmingham at 8.00am on a Saturday morning, got to Paris at 5.00pm same day, and arrived in Venice Sunday morning, from where I took a ferry to Corfu. I slept on the train to Venice in a couchette and on the ferry to Corfu in an aircraft style seat. I arrived in Corfu around 11.30am on Monday morning - and got to see Paris and Venice on the way there and back. When calculating your fare you need to allow for meals on boat and train but you can take picnics, and the landfalls on Greece (arriving) and Venice (coming home) are rather wonderful and there is less standing in queues, being searched and having your papers checked than at airports. This way of travelling may be the future - so perhaps your mind is trying to tell you something - in a roundabout way. If I can be of further assistance contact me on Enjoy travelling to as well as arriving at the wondrous land! I realise you know this isn't about statistics but the facts suggest the most dangerous place to be is your kitchen - since it is likely to contains one or more close relatives and sharp things. Best wishes, Simon

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