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Monday, 30 April 2007


To my relief there will be a ferry to the mainland on May Day after midday, which is fine as the ferry on to Ancona doesn't leave until 2000 tomorrow. One roofers - a sailor - said an object bearing a red and white light scooted round Ipsos harbour at a smart walking pace laround 2300. "Unidentified Floating Object!" he said. "Tell that around here and by dusk Corfu will know there was a Turkish sub off the coast last night". I've got money from our bank off the Liston for the work on the roof - after a long queue with people grumbling behind me I felt grateful to get our money. The water bill was paid at the civic offices in Ipsos. I've introduced myself to a lady there who may be a senior officer of Faiakon Municipality. I never cease to be fascinated by the way a place solves or tries to solve local problems - roads. licencing, planning, transport, waste collection disposal, water supply, tourism, conservations, parking, burials, emergencies, healthcare, and so on, and how much of the money coming into the local economy benefits local communities rather than going to the shareholders of international travel companies and hotel chains? How do the politicians here relate to their officers? Friends here regard my interest askance.
We shall miss the cats - Bubble and Squeak, the lighter one. They'll probably miss us but it'll be good to see Oscar again after the longest Lin and I have been away from home since the mid-70s. Must remember to read the meters before we go.

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