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Saturday, 12 October 2013


The wardrobe that we are making in our bedroom, from a mix of new and old wood, has been added to. A window frame found by the roadside and stored in our apothiki is now in place. Yesterday I picked up a small cupboard door by bins below the village and that too is now part of our construction. We await one more pine drawer from England. It should arrive with other furniture brought from Brin Croft next Tuesday afternoon, courtesy of Daniel Blom. There's lots more to be done including stripping all the white paint from the old wood.
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So we visited the Metallinos Museum and were entranced.
The sculptor and his granddaughter Angeliki Metallinos

Αριστείδης Μεταλληνός - the man sits at work on a ram (a photo of him in the background of my picture) wearing a shepherd's woollen hat - as we see on countless images of the island saint. His art is almost unknown, even on Corfu, let alone the wider world. It seems he never wanted to sell his art, meaning it for and about his village, Ano Korakiana. The proliferation of stone and marble pieces in three small spaces on floor and shelves is overwhelming. The man was entirely self-taught. I'm only starting to take it in, but I understand that this work was only begun when, aged 67, Metallinos having been a craftsman -  cobbler, and maker of furniture, ovens and olive millwheels - found the time to become a sculptor. He continued on his collection, creating 250 pieces, before his death in 1987.
Aristedes Metallinos the cobbler

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