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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Coming to Greece

Morning landfall on Albania and it's my birthday
We woke on an out-of-season ferry, mainly used by truck drivers heading for the new motorway cutting across central Greece to Thessaloniki and Istanbul that begins on the west coast of Greece - the Egnatia Highway, first built by the Romans. We slipped away from Italy and woke passing the rocky heights of the Karaburan Peninsular in Albania, snoozed, read and had a coffee when, with sun-up Corfu appears from the morning haze, slipping by as we head on to the mainland port of Igoumenitsa.
The nice thing about arriving by sea is the lack of bureaucracy. You walk out onto the jetty with your bags and you’re there, planted on the concrete apron as the super-trucks trundle out of the ferry’s vast hold, escalate through their gears and roar off on their errands, while we take a €5 taxi to the smaller ferry whose crew are impatient to leave for the 15 kilometres over to Corfu. We boarded with a minute to spare. Then the scale of things reduces. At smaller Corfu port our hire car awaits and after a stop at Lidl for provisions - shock at the prices of everything - we’re driving into Ano Korakiana’s narrow street and the alley by our home enjoying greetings from the neighbours, kisses, hugs, familiar children and cats.

Lin helps make Easter things

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