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Sunday, 30 November 2008

In a crowded city

In a crowded city - anywhere. War and peace. I cycled into the Apple Shop in the Bullring getting some things checked on my laptop; which film formats will and won't download for editing, so's I could continue work on linking text and clips. Outside I gazed at the passing crowd - not all shoppers. In these times there's more flânerie in the city centre than consumption. Amy strolled up and chatted for a minute - telling me to stop filming. I rather like being ordered about my daughter. * * * * Lin's been driving north to visit her mum in Stafford General. Arthur called for an ambulance for her mid week after she felt pain in chest and down her legs. Right now she's fine but they'll not let her home until they've done more tests. * * * * I showed my text-film links to Nick Booth:
Dear Nick. Trying to make film and text more accessible and connected. What do you think? Best, Simon
Nick's reply:
I love it. I love the combining of video and text - it can be found through search and watched for nuance. Next is to do individual posts for individual bits of video and then help people navigate so many posts by tagging them - to organise them into informational categories. You need a new blog for this work (the internet is always niche). In this case the openess issue here is really about consent. If people agreed for you to use these in a particular way then changing that without their consent is a mistake. Nick
* * * An email to Cllr Kim Brom from Alan Orr re the Victoria Jubilee Allotments (VJA):
Date: Fri 28 Nov 2008 17:13:22 +0000: Subject: Re: VJA cc: Dear Councillor Brom. Very briefly, timelines relating to the implementation of the provisions of the S106 are set out in the Agreement itself, not as calendar dates but within the processes to be followed e.g. when submissions are due and the length of times for reaching agreement on them. Charles Church, the developers, have fallen behind these in terms of delivering the allotments and playing fields (but not the affordable housing) and this breach is being pursued together with Legal Services, Leisure Services and Children, Young People and Families. The main S106 monies (some small amounts have been paid) are payable for other aspects of the Agreement e.g. the enhancement of Handsworth Park when the allotments and sport pitches schemes have been approved under the terms of the Agreement so payment of the monies is related to the delivery of the allotments and playing pitches, I hope this is of some help to you. I will provide you with more precise information on timescales when I have it. I will be on leave from now until 15 December. Regards, Alan Orr Constituency Planning Officer - Perry Barr Tel.0121 464 6856

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