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Thursday, 20 December 2007

More help on the missing 'petition' from Ano Korakiana

I e-mailed Holger Afflerbach, Lecturer in Twentieth Century European History at Leeds University, about the missing 'paper' from Ano Korakiana. He replied swiftly.
From: Holger Afflerbach, Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 00:35:13 -0000
Conversation: Enquiry about The Treaty of London 1864

Dear Doctor Baddeley (note: I'm not a doctor) It seems to be true: there were some Greek inhabitants on the islands who wanted to remain under British domination (like Gibraltar today: not very astonishing, indeed). I asked a friend of mine, who is a retired professor of International history, if he recalls this thesis in Leeds. He didn't, but he recalls that there was a thesis in Birkbeck College in the early 1960s on this topic. His advise was to look in the list of the Institute of Historical Research. I think it would also be possible to contact the British Library. They should have a copy of the thesis. It would also be possible to contact Birkbeck College. Unfortunately this friend of mine did not remember the author of the thesis or the exact title. I hope that these few informations help you further. Good luck and best wishes. Holger Afflerbach

* * *
E-mail to me from Corfu: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 18:43:40 +0200
Γεια σου Σάιμον. Τώρα είναι οκ
μπορούμε να γράφουμε Ελληνικά! Λιάνα
(Ηι Simon, now it's ok we can write in Greek)

Great! I actually understood this, even before I read L's translation. Καταλαβαίνω! My teacher in Corfu has fixed it so we can use Greek text inside our e-mails which will make it easier than attaching WORD docs. But look how she spells my name. I thought it was Σιμον, then Σημον but it's actually Σάιμον. How will I get to learn this kind of thing?
*  *  *

Lunch at Harts in Nottingham with two more of the unique group of working friends who've been sounding boards, stimulants and mentors over the last two years. We've been pooling thoughts and experiences and worked in various combinations for particular local government clients. I'm drafting a shared blog with the working title '4 Democracy Street' on Wordpress to refine and circulate ideas on developing and diffusing understanding of shared leadership among politicians, managers and professionals.

* * *
On Wednesday evening I ate at Azim's on the Villa Road with members of the Lozells Management Board, meeting a bright motley mix of other volunteers and professionals working on the endless, complicated, confusing, intriguing and rewarding project of trying to attain a feel for the social and political trends of which we are objects and subjects. Can we get to the bottom of things? I had a fascinating conversation with D who has a brief relating to vulnerable women in our area. We talked about different attitudes and responses to people trafficking in Balsall Heath, Edgbaston and here in Handsworth and Lozells. Of the three areas we were the least prone to focus solely on street prostitution - clearing them off the streets as an end in itself - and the most inclined to seek out and address the crimes of those who put them there, the traffickers and the punters and their connection to broader problems of poverty. Azim's served us a great meal. I had several really good conversations with other people I'd not met met before as well as those I had. I love Corfu and especially Ano Korakiana where not a few people still leave the key in their front doors when they go out, but I have equally strong attachments to Birmingham, especially Handsworth and Lozells.
*  *  *
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