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Monday, 17 September 2007

Sun up at 208 Democracy Street Αχιον Εστι

Martin, me and his son Adam enjoy a hard sail to windward in the rough seas of Corfu. Lin and Sandra are sitting below sick with anxiety. Thank god the men are in charge. Luckily there's enough light to see the land but I have checked we are near Greece with the GPS while Adam is on watch with the monocular. We made landfall at Agni where we were thankful to be taken ashore and fed food and wine by our rescuers.

* * *
The sun squeezes in through every aperture. This is seconds after it has risen above the mountains of Epirus across the straits of Corfu and blessed our house in Ano Korakiana under Pantokrator. The sea is too bright for me to gaze that way for more than an instant. Axion Esti.

[Back to the future: 12 December 2007 - I posted this picture on Flickr and this comment was made:
it is so primeval, so greek...
like a Giannis Moralis painting echo...
i do like your photo...
and all those you write...
and how you end your text...
Εκεί ρόδια, κυδώνια
θεοί μελαχρινοί, θείοι κι εξάδελφοι
το λάδι αδειάζοντας μες στα πελώρια κιούπια·
και πνοές από τη ρεματιά ευωδιάζοντας
λυγαριά και σχίνο
σπάρτο και πιπερόριζα
με τα πρώτα πιπίσματα των σπίνων,
ψαλμωδίες γλυκές με τα πρώτα-πρώτα Δόξα σοι.
I will try translating this as part of my learning. I know there are quinces and pomegranates and exultation but I am getting stuck after that]
* * *
Finding the cypress to complete the floor here was hard work - by G, who scoured the island to find a woodyard with a good supply. Now the room has to be plastered and the ceiling lighting rewired but first we must get access to the roof space lest an infestation misses attention. All the same the views from this room are panoramic and then there's the balcony.

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