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Friday, 13 July 2007

From: wonky1971 Subject:International Flytipping. Hi Sibad, Just felt compelled to say that I really respect the motto on your profile - "still learning" is something we could all stand to be doing. Your photos for "International Flytipping" are fantastic, and it's great to see someone out there with an environmental/social concious. I thing your pictures, and those of the group members will have a much bigger impact on folks than words ever will. I would also be delighted if you would consider joining my admittedly small and rather new group "Humdrum Town" - a lot of your "fouling our nest" shots would fit right in.Best wishes, Cheers! Wonky
There are now 790 images on my 'International Flytipping' Group on Flickr - a scrapbook of human fecklessness.

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