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Sunday, 22 July 2007

An e-mail to the Middle East
Dear Mr ** ** **, We are delighted to inform you that we wish to offer you a place on the Ph.D. programme, and official confirmation with full details of the offer is being posted to you today. We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Birmingham
An e-mail from the Middle East
My Dearest Friend and Teacher Simon. With pleasure and delight I forward the recent email I received on the status of my application ... The last battle I have to fight will be at the UK Embassy in ***** for Visas. I wonder how free I will be to mention you when the officials in the Embassy ask me of the people I know in the UK and where I will reside upon my arrival? Do you suggest that I give the address of a hotel or of your house in **** ? I thank you again and again and please pass my highest regards to the family. D** ** **
21 July 2007:
Dear D** ** **(my teacher!). Give my name and the address of our house and my name and address on campus (see attached). if you need further confirmation or reference let me know. Best wishes. Simon

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