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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Golden Ages

While Linda was tidying the garage she came across a briefcase full of photos I'd overlooked when assembling material for Paul Peacock's biography of my stepfather. I've never seen this photo but I'm pretty sure it was taken by mum in 1951 well before Jack started to appear on television. Jack was born in 1911. We were driving along Bayswater Road. He said in chat with mum 'life begins at 40'. I was 9. I guess we were near Newbury when this photo was taken. I've no wish to be a child again but I like this black and white memoir of my stepfather with me. Jack's thumbing Gallaghers' Golden Honeydew into the bowl of his pipe - from which will emerge the smokey smell that suffused my childhood. Old tobacco tins were used for fishing maggots or small objects needed in the workshop.

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