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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Work in progress at 208

Came the news by e-mail this morning that a first grandson to the siblings was born in Paris at 6pm last night. 'Mother and baby doing fine.'

17° in Birmingham. 31°C in Ano Korakiana. Martin on the phone to check money transfer spoke across the miles to Linda. The plaka on the garden where we spread rubble is half complete; the upstairs wall removed. "It's coming along". They may send photos.
At the group on 'International Flytipping' I began a few days ago there are 39 members and 85 photos - and I'm understanding more about why it happens:
Sharing striking images perhaps we can learn more about flytipping. From the dropping of a paper cup on a sidewalk, through flytipping of used tyres by a small garage, to industrial scale dumping of vast quantities of refuse - the growing collection of images switches from individual to international fecklessness, helping with added comments and links to throw light on the psychology, morality, economics and politics of our wasteful messiness. I hope this group's amazing images will stimulate shared learning, illustrate our understanding and even guide us towards sustainability.
Meantime the errands mount - courses to design, a disciplinary hearing to attend as a 'friend', a process that must continue to get an Iraqi academic friend and his family here to study, lawns to mow, the latest Hall-Aitken Report on SRB6 to obtain, that chapter I've been avoiding, and family stuff ...

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