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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Leaving Corfu

Last night we strolled through the upper level of Ano Korakiana discovering a rabbit warren of alleys with glimpses into people’s homes as they talked and ate or sat outside on small spaces before their front doors. We came to the last street light and walked on in the moonlight. Fireflies were about. The crags of the Troumpetta and many cypress trees rose above us. Back home we sat to a salad supper at the dining table we’d found by the road and imagined how the house might be on our return. “We really have got a lot done in 28 days” I said. “If only we could stay on” said Lin. In the morning it was misty and wet. I put lemons from the tree in the garden in our case, and read the water and electric meters. Leaving 208 Democracy Street the young cats mewed from the top of the steps to the street. The neighbours said ‘Kala taxithi’ signalling they’d keep an eye on the house. Down in Ipsos, we had a chat over tea at CJs with our gang about continued work and staying in touch by phone and e-mail. By the afternoon rainwater was running fast down through the sloping streets of Corfu Town as Lin sought gifts. Dropped off the car and ran for the ferry to Igoumenitsa through a downpour. Once aboard I got hot chocolate and began drying out. At Igoumenitsa we caught the bigger ship for Ancona where we arrive noon tomorrow. On the ship I bought 90 minutes of WiFi for €9.
I hope no shift in habitat, unintended or intended (like some well intentioned anti-mosquito project), will drive fireflies from Corfu. Searching the web I read about a naturalist in Houston who wants their return and wonders what factors in his local environment would return the lampyridae (Greek for shining ones).

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