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Monday, 16 April 2007

The weekend at Ano Korakiana

Sunday, April 15, 2007 At a table top sale at Harry’s Bar in Kontokale we bought a small cooker for €20, glasses and mugs. Told of cast off chairs by the roadside we salvaged three plus a serviceable hosepipe. At the house I set to with the juicer and seated on the salvaged bamboo chairs beneath the veranda we drank fresh orange. Saturday, April 14, 2007 Went to a cybercafé in town. A police authority want to take scrutiny more seriously. Can I offer a half-day on political-management for a County? Can I do a workshop on evidence based policy making for new district members after May? Back to the boat by 1300 then painting and earth moving and general tidying at 208. I’m aching from carting earth from the terrace to the side of the house and back into the garden below in a wheelbarrow to make new planting space around the area where our rubble will go. Friends dropped in late afternoon with a juicer and a fridge. We can offer cold fresh orange juice during the heat forecast next week. A neighbour moored near us at Ipsos saw the gully across our garden that carries washing water. “Block it with a reed bed. Same for rain water. Try a barrel.” He gazed from our balcony and pointed out Sayiadha about 20km away to the south east across the Corfu Sea and the last village before the border with Albania that runs northward up a ribbon of coast to Ormos Ftelias almost due east of Ipsos – still mysterious to us but hardly 8 nautical miles off. Over beers at CJ’s we met two neighbours from AK. Their pool uses around 22k litres. Even with a meter their water rate is just €130. Lin saw a firefly. We heard a frog in the darkness that sounds like a ring tone.

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