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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

At the harbour - click for interior plans of the boat

Lin on Summer Song
Originally uploaded by Sibad.
We take occasional breaks on the boat where we're sleeping.
Getting Summer Song started with eBay last Summer. I wanted a boat but we needed a mooring. I'd been thinking "Hebrides". On 23 July last year Amy, on her laptop at our kitchen table in Handsworth, found an entry: "27 foot yacht on permanent free mooring in Corfu". She showed it to her mum who said "Hey, we want this one!" I phoned the seller's wife. I conjectured eBay reputation wasn't worth losing for a scam at the price offered. Besides I liked her voice. "I don't really want to sell her. My husband does." I pondered an hour and realised that what mattered was the free mooring and family agreement on getting one in a warm place. I clicked the "buy now" button and committed myself to the purchase, ahead of sensible people planning visits and surveys. We felt we'd made a good decision when, 6 weeks later, the waiter at a taverna in Agni took our warps so we could stroll ashore for retsinas and tzatziki, gaze on Summer Song and catch our breath and think about buying a house.

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