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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In Brisbane

From Quay West Hotel just before sunrise
I've written some notes for people wanting material on negotiating the overlap. In the longer run I shall do a separate blog but I hope these, handed out as hard copies, with other texts, are going to be helpful to interested 'students':

'Negotiating the overlap': a stroll down Democracy Street


Here’s the URL

You can enter “Democracy Street” into your search engine with a good chance of hitting it first time.

Simon’s been including political-management material into a public journal about his travels, written and illustrated, most days. This mix can confuse if you're seeking learning material on:

· political-management

· constructing trust between councillors and managers

· political skills, political sensitivity

· joint leadership of politicians and managers

· negotiating the overlap of politics and management

· reading political environments

Here are guidelines for getting to that material (if the rest of his blog interests you Simon will be delighted)

1. Open the blog by googling “Democracy Street”. If this is insufficient, try a combination like Democracy Street sibadd.

2. Go to the image of Simon on his bicycle on the right hand side of the blog below the main title. Click on the picture. This brings up Simon’s CV at Birmingham University. Scroll down until you see three links in bold. The first two take you to films of political-management conversations, the thirds takes you to a another page in the blog where there’s a list of relevant texts. These can be read on-line and downloaded by clicking on the links there. Be patient as these need to come up as open access texts on

3. Another way to visit this material is to scroll down the links in the right hand margin of the blog, until you come to:




Click on any of these to get the same material as you would from the links on Simon’s CV. If lost click on the title Democracy Street, and repeat the process. Contact Simon with any queries on:

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