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Saturday, 10 November 2007


Peering at the street sign on the right you may just see the snail.
Our little σαλιγκάρι in Democracy Street! Hope is her name.
Our request:
Outbound ferry from Venice to Corfu on 01 April 2008. Airplane type seat
Return ferry from Corfu to Venice 08 May 2008. ATS
Dears. We 'll contact you again on Monday. Thanks and have a nice weekend. Panos Skondras, Hellas Ferries Centre Ltd.

* * *

Lin's been working on this seagull, commissioned as a Christmas present for a Brighton and Hove Albion fan - nearly 4" from beak to wing tips. He's been elegantly parcelled up, christened 'Drew C. Gull' (client's called Andrew), and will be mailed tomorrow. She must have been working on him for over a week. She works by needlefelting white, grey and black merino wool roving, adding blue striped towelling from a beach robe, making the bird's beak and legs from a pipe cleaner, all sewn together with a teddy (needlefelt), a Christmas tree (cake decoration) and a candy cane (Fimo) into his sack of gifts. Few things are made here. I'm delighted by her handiwork - for example this family of teddy bears sent as Christmas presents to the Greek side of the family last Christmas.

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